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Bayern Munich's Amarelinha

Posted by John Hickey on


Now a days it's tough to find a statistic that doesn't favor Bayern Munich, especially in their domestic league. However, by 1983 the Bavarian club had gone 8 years winless in their away matches against Kaiserslautern. This 6 loss and 2 draw record included a devastating 5-0 and a heartbreaking 7-4 after being up 1-4.

In the 1982/83 season, after yet another defeat, team captain Paul Breitner said they "might as well just send the points there" rather than traveling for the match. Nonetheless, in the following season coach Udo Lattek had something different in mind. He would dress his players in a yellow and green jersey with blue shorts, emulating the Brazilian National Team.

This was thought to put fear in the Kaiserslautern players, and give the Bayern Munich players themselves more confidence. The strategy worked, Augenthaler scored for Bayern and goalkeeper Pfaff defended a penalty for the visitors. Final score: Kaiserslautern 0-1 Bayern Munich.

The 'Brazil' jersey was never used again by the Bavarians, it seems like it fulfilled it's purpose and was laid to rest.


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