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FC Santa Claus And The Christmas Spirit

Posted by John Hickey on



It is commonly said that the city of Rovaniemi, in Finland, is the real life home of Santa Claus, and a local club took that Christmas spirit to the next level. The fusion of two neighborhood clubs in 1992 resulted in the creation of FC Santa Claus.

The Christmas theme goes beyond just the name for this charismatic club. The founding story, as told by the team, is that they were founded by Santa's elves who were kicking the ball around in the snow in-between packing presents. Not only that, but the club had to ask Santa for permission to use his and name and he became the honorary coach of the team, making him a frequent attraction at the stadium. 

The best part, however, is the clubs motto: Don't Stop Believing. Not only is it a reference to children believing in the magic of Christmas and maintaining that innocence, but also a message to all of it's supporters that a small team from a small Finnish town can do great things.

These great things, however, have nothing to do with what happens on the pitch, after all FC Santa Claus is currently in the 5th Division. The club's roster is mostly composed of local athletes who weren't able to reach their dream to play on the big stages, but are now able to do so for their hometown club. Most importantly, FC Santa Claus every year takes part in multiple charities, such as UNICEF, and donates a portion of every jersey sold.

In the small Finnish town of Rovaniemi, on and off the pitch, FC Santa Claus keeps the true Christmas spirit alive.


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