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Greenland's Struggle For Recognition

Posted by John Hickey on


Contrary to popular belief, a nation does not need to be fully independent in order to have a national team that participates in official tournaments. Gibraltar and Faroe Islands, for example, are British and Danish territories respectively and not entirely sovereign states, however they still compete in UEFA and FIFA tournaments. 

This gives hope to the beautiful island of Greenland, who's been desperately trying to associate itself to FIFA for the past 30 years but the harsh weather and a small population of 55,000 people have always gotten in the way. With a lot of work in past couple decades, most of the basic requirements have already been met: a local federation, a stable league and, as of 2016, a turf pitch that is accepted by FIFA.

Naturally due to it's cultural and political ties, Greenland has been attempting to join UEFA, but a very recent rule change doesn't allow any new members from now on to join if they don't have a seat in the United Nations. In May of 2022 Greenland's Federation officially began the process of joining CONCACAF, which aside from requiring a few stadium renovations shouldn't reject the application.

The Polar Teddy Bears, as they are known, are hopeful that by 2025/26 they'll be accepted into the confederation, and our dream of watching a match as alternative as Puerto Rico x Greenland might come true.


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