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Hennes: Bundesliga's most iconic mascot

Posted by John Hickey on


Few clubs in world soccer have a mascot as iconic and charismatic as FC Koln's goat, Hannes.

Koln's history with the beloved animal started in 1950, just two years after the club was founded, when the director of a local circus gifted a goat to the club for good luck during carnival season. The club named him Hennes, after the coach at the time, and officially adopted him at the mascot. Hennes was so important to the club identity that they are still known today as "The Billy Goats" and he was even incorporated into the club's crest.

Before every match Hennes is taken out to the field to parade in front of the home fans, making him a timeless celebrity. In fact, Hennes was the first living mascot in Bundesliga history.

The best fact about Hennes is that throughout the years they've all been direct descendants of the original one, making the current mascot Hennes IX.


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