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The Big Zero

Posted by John Hickey on



In Brazil's remote northern city of Macapá lies one of the most curious soccer stadiums in the world. Officially it is named Estádio Milton de Souza Corrêa, but it is much more commonly known as the "Zerão" (The Big Zero).

The reason behind the peculiar name is because the midfield line on the pitch runs perfectly on the equator, meaning that it's exactly at latitude zero.

This creates a few funny scenarios, like the fact that the teams defend in the southern hemisphere during one half and in the northern hemisphere during the other half. Also, you could say that a play starts in the Winter and ends in the Summer, or that the game is being played in two different seasons simultaneously depending on how you look at it.

The soccer scene of the city of Macapá isn't very expressive, the teams who play in the Zerão haven't made it past the Brazilian fourth tier in years. Either way, it is undeniable they play in one of the most interesting stadiums in the world. 


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