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The Connection Between Huachipato And The Pittsburg Steelers

Posted by John Hickey on

It's hard to imagine that the Pittsburg Steelers, one of the biggest NFL franchises of all time, has something in common with Huachipato, a small soccer club from southern Chile. However, just a quick glance at their crests will tell you that there has to be something there.

To better understand the similar imagery first we need to talk about the Steelmark. The Steelmark is a logo created by the American Iron and Steel Institute to promote steel and all of its manufacturers. This was part of a campaign to highlight the product over the its competitors, plastic and aluminum.

In 1962, Republic Steel from Cleveland paid the Pittsburg Steelers to place the Steelmark on their helmets as product placement. Not only did the NFL franchise accept the offer, but they turned the Steelmark into their official logo, only changing the word "steel" for "steelers".

Almost simultaneously, in 1966 in Chile, something similar was happening. Huachipato FC had just been promoted to the first division for the first time in their history. The club from southern Chile, which had been founded by steel workers in 1947, decided they needed to rebrand for their top-flight debut. They switched their red uniform for the black and blue stripes that they use to this day, and they decided to adopt the Steelmark into their crest to symbolize the industry that dominates their entire region. Funny enough, Huachipato is also known as "los acereros" which translates directly to "the steelers".

It's amazing how an industry is able to have such a deep connection with a community, so much so that it becomes intertwined with its culture and history, and even creates an unlikely connection between Pittsburg and Huachipato.


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